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Balance Body and Mind concentrates on providing the following services: corrective exercises, weight loss, meal management, performance enhancement, post-rehabilitation therapy, velocity and agility training, pre and post natal training. 

Since 2001, we have taken pride in motivating and providing guidance to each and every client while ensuring results!

We focus on building relationships with schools, various gyms and rehab facilities.


Mavis is the lead health and wellness coach here at BBM. She’s recognised for her groundbreaking contributions to the field of Exercise Science. She has a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Masters degree in Physical Therapy. She’s been an accomplished sports rehab and fitness expert for 22 years and her initiative is to help change the narrative about our body image issues through a balance body and a healthy mind.

"I love your incredible enthusiasm, positive energy & professionalism. Your passion for health and fitness shines through in all you do. I always looked forward to your sessions and it was easier to get up on those mornings. You have the ability to coach the very best out out of students of all levels. You are a stickler for proper form and all of your students benefit from this! A big take-away from working with you has been the importance of balance & self-care which you both encourage and model for all. You’re da bomb!!" - Susan J

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