I have been working with Mavis for over 6 years and I have to say that she has been the best fitness coach of all times. She is really good at making sure you are doing the exercise well so you work on the correct muscles to reach your fitness goals. She has a very good understanding on how to work on your mind, body, and soul and will, therefore, work with you on a plan that will suite your life style.- Mercedes E



Sibs m

I just love your attitude and style towards fitness and health. You make people want to get up and move. You make it okay to make mistakes and at the same time guide them on what to do next time. You do it in such a positive manner! I love your passion and its made me passionate and I’ve already made small changes. I love that you sweat the small stuff, makes me feel so great that I want to carry on! I love that you cater to all with all the knowledge you give us. Your knowledge along with your passion, dedication and attitude is what makes you such an amazing coach. I’m so happy that I’ve had you as my mentor for the past 5 years. You’ve taught me to love my body, helped me not only physically but also mentally. Thank you for consistently teaching me. I love you!!!


Georgina P

I have known Mavis for the last 4 years. During this time I have followed her classes which I found inspirational and motivating. She always managed to keep track on all participants in each class whether it was a big or a small group. She was always very clear in her instructions and gave detailed demonstrations for the exercises. Mavis was always willing to listen to people and give them alternatives so as to help them improve. Her stretching session at the end of the class was always fine tuned to target the particular muscle groups we had worked on. With her bubbly and lovely personality, she always made me and others willing to push a bit harder. One of the great lessons I learned from her was never to give up and that I am always able to push a little bit more in every session.


Jenn K

Mavis is someone who is absolutely fabulous at motivating and empowering you and she also has an amazing ability to lift you up and help you to see the light when things are feeling overwhelming or too hard.3 things I’ve learnt from Mavis:- It’s ok to say “No” and not to feel bad about doing it!- Celebrate your body, you’ve worked hard at it and you deserve to know that it looks amazing (even if you still don’t believe it yourself).- Have at least one person in your life that you know will tell you the truth and will give you a hug when it’s needed but will also tell you to “get it together” when you are being a drama queen.